Dr. Gerald N. Smernoff, DDS, MSO, FACO has maintained a practice as a TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) and Orthodontic specialist since 1964. During this time, Dr. Smernoff has taken the opportunity to evaluate the differences between his therapeutic TMJ appliances and those used by other practitioners for sport applications. From his research, Dr. Smernoff has discovered a break through patented RAMP technology resulting in THE BRAIN GUARD, a musculoskeletal repositioning device for the suppression of concussive forces and that can be used in all contact sports.

Dr. Smernoff CEO and Pres of RampUp LLC announces the introduction for the Student Athlete of the new THE BRAINGUARD – a PRO-ACTIVE entry into the concussion suppression field and announces a special Student Athlete Fund Support Program.

“No one knows how many brains will be saved from sport injuries and what creative ideas will not be lost to concussions…”


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